Two Major Services Provided by Tree Removal Companies

| The Tree Lady Company

Tree care is an essential aspect of maintaining the health of your property. Shade, cooler temperatures, and phytoncides are all benefits that trees can provide to your property, but like any home structure, they may require maintenance. Luckily, there are two main services that most tree removal companies offer, including tree removal services. Here are two services that tree removal companies offer.


Even trees and shrubs that grow with plenty of room on all sides may need pruning at some point. Pruning promotes a sustainable shape and structure for the tree. Removing broken branches and areas of imbalance can support the tree by helping it grow symmetrically. Trees that grow evenly on both sides will be at less risk of falling in strong storms or their old age. Pruning is also a tree care service that can improve the visual appearance of your trees. For the best pruning and tree trimming results, contact our services when your trees are dormant. That way, your trees will lose less sap and be less susceptible to attacks by insects and fungi, which are less active in the winter.

Tree Removals

There is a variety of reasons why trees may need to be removed. Disease, overgrowth, poor appearance, and risk of property damage are all common ones. In any of these cases, the safest and smartest option may be to contact our tree removal services so we can promptly bring our professionals onto the scene and remove the unwanted trees. Our trained personnel and permitted equipment only improve the efficiency of our services. We want your home to look as visually appealing as you do! In many cases, when trees pose a risk or an eyesore, having them cut down and planting new ones on the property will increase the spaciousness and appearance of your property as well as your satisfaction with it.

Rather than waiting until the damage is done and your property has suffered, contact our board-certified arborists as soon as you become concerned. According to the International Society of Arboriculture, there are over 82,000 certified arborist companies in the country at the moment. Still, if you’re in White Haven, Florida, we just may be your best bet. You’ll not only improve your property sooner, but you’ll avoid the hassle of dealing with insurance companies. Who knows, opening up your yard may leave you room for a pool or patio! Contact us today for a free estimate!