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Root Collar Excavation is the removal of excess soil and mulch from the base and roots of a tree. Having root collar excavation on a tree can save the life of your trees and also promote healthy nutrients the tree needs.

You can tell a tree has excess soil and mulch when the root flare is covered up, and the tree trunk looks similar to a telephone pole.


Soil and mulch should not be piled up around the trunk of your tree, covering the roots of the tree. We call this a Mulch Volcano.

Mulch Volcanoes can suffocate a tree and prevent the tree from getting the proper oxygen and nutrients it needs. Without its nutrients, the tree can begin to have slower growth, a build-up of moisture around the tree trunk leading to decay and root rot.

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Root Collar Excavation can save a tree’s life. When the root flare of the tree is exposed, the tree is better able to take in oxygen and nutrients and distribute those nutrients to the soil and leaves.

When Root Collar Excavation happens, tree care providers will go into the soil and excavate the soil and mulch down until they find the root flare. Once the excess dirt and mulch are excavated from the tree trunk, the moisture build-up at the tree’s truck will dry up.



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Before you decide if your tree needs Root Collar Excavation, you should have your tree care provider or certified arborists come out and examine the health and risk of your trees. They will be able to tell you what is best for your tree health and how to keep it healthy for years to come. Contact your local arborist and get a risk assessment today!