Safe and Effective Tree Removal in Lakeland, FL

There are many reasons why a tree might need to come down. In some cases, it could be fungus or disease. In other cases, it could be because a storm damaged the tree beyond repair. While it’s always sad to lose a tree, the safest option is to remove it promptly before it begins to dry out. 

If there is a tree on your residential or commercial property that needs to be removed, you can rely on the professionals at The TREE LADY Company to do the job safely. Our skilled tree crews can handle trees of all sizes. We have been your trusted tree care specialists since 2002.

We have the latest equipment and skilled tree climbers to remove trees from even the smallest of places. We can provide crane services (complete with city permits and power company assistance) for trees in heavy decline. Our team makes it easy for you to remove hazardous trees. 

Save yourself the hassle by relying on arborists with plenty of experience. At The TREE LADY Company, we offer tree removal Lakeland, FL trusts. Contact us today for tree removal, stump grinding, and more! We’ll be happy to serve you.

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Taking care of your property — including the trees — is a part of being a responsible homeowner. This includes regular maintenance and taking down trees when they’re not healthy or pose a danger to the safety of your home. That’s where our team comes in. Since 2002, The TREE LADY Company has provided tree removal services throughout Lakeland, FL. Our team has the experience and skills necessary to handle any tree care work you may need. We’re a part of the Contact us today, the Florida Chapter of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), and the International Society of Arboriculture. You can always rely on The TREE LADY Company to take care of your property with dedication, expertise, and care. Let our Certified Arborist inspect your trees to determine if removal is needed. 

Protect your property from a high-risk trees falling down from storms or high winds. Contact us today by calling us at (863) 345-7756 or using our short online form. Either way, we’ll give you a free estimate for tree removal in Lakeland, FL and the surrounding area. We always complete our services within 24 hours.