The time to use a brace rod is when there is a separation or structural defect that could result in damage. Co-dominant V and U-shaped crotches between tree branches may drive trees to split. Using a brace rod in your tree can elongate the life of the tree and mitigate risk from damaging your house or car with heavy branches.

| The Tree Lady CompanyHOW IT STARTS

When proper structural pruning doesn’t take place at the beginning of the tree’s life it may develop a “co-dominant” structure. As the tree limbs continue to grow, it creates a weak point that is susceptible to failure. In the tree canopy where the tree begins to widen, bracing can be needed to keep branches from widening out, breaking, and falling.

Being able to brace a problematic branch can save you from having to remove it, keeping the tree in better aesthetic shape and saving you some money.


Tabebuia trees are often seen in spring with bright yellow or pink flowers. It can also be called the trumpet tree and comes in many colors. As this kind of tree grows, it is common for it to branch out and widen. They can become susceptible to splitting if not prevented. After splitting, if the split is not bad, most of the time it can be salvaged and set back up for many years of healthy growth.

| The Tree Lady CompanyHOW IT WORKS

In the scenario that two branches are allowed to grow to the same size within a trees’ canopy, the likelihood of failure is high. Our Arborists can determine what combination of pruning and cable installation will extend the life of your tree. 

Don’t remove a tree or take off an entire branch if it is not necessary. First, have a Certified Arborist look it over to see if bracing could be right for you. Your tree could live longer and look better with proper bracing done by a professional.

Thinking of removing a tree to limit risk? Call one of our Certified Arborists to have your trees assessed and see what preservation options are available to you.